This is my #Son never in a trillion dollars I regret having him Seeing him smile and happy tells me I have yet to fail being this young childs
10 hours ago

anj_245 hours ago

After skwela KANU ana balaaa...via vera

Busting my butt off because one bad game does not make a player If my mind can convince it and my heart can believe it then I can achieve it
46 minutes ago
EXO's Chanyeol imagine by @fifty_shades_of_imagines requested by @fyeahhkpop hope you like it! ^^ Imagine Imagine eating cotton candy with
A photo I wanted to upload on facebook but had too much pictures of me already... #firstworldproblem #toomanyselfies
2 days ago
Self-proclaimed.. XD #selfie #asian
1 minute ago
My cat is demonstrating how I react when my alarm goes off in the morning.. #not #a #morning #person
1 month ago

michaelaalexandraj_3 weeks ago

Ur so pretty!!♡♡

My kitty is obviously not a fan of The Walking Dead but my doggie loves it :-)
Ate a little at the fair but nothing beats coming home to my homemade pho bo kho

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