Good morning and happy weekend dears •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Las palabras pueden romper a alguien en un millón de pedazos
21 minutes ago
Bye (Disculpen mi cara ya se que soy fea)
4 minutes ago
Fascinated By This View The Only Thing Makes Me Proud Of My City
2 days ago

sherilligrqz1 minute ago

your pix is cool @thirty_seconds_to_rainforest ! hey just a thought out of the blue but if you want to rake in 224 every hour like me just click

I'm tht dork ur mom told u about !! Lmao really :) have a nice night
Question are @amylurve 's earrings cool
5 minutes ago

eliroe13 hours ago

Etter bekymringsmelding fra @fridaeines vil jeg understreke at jeg ikke er syk var bare på forelesning Nå tror hu forsåvidt også fra tid til

Is it bad that I never made love #smoke #hipster #friday #bluehair #white
3 minutes ago

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