Just made the yummiest dinner Lamb salad with a Greek yogurt dressing No recipe I kind of just made it up as I went along #mmm #foodie #kristinskitchen
4 minutes ago
Fredagsfrukost Morotsmuggkaka m cream cheese topping Kaka: *50g havregryn *1/2msk kokosmjöl *1tsk bakpulver *2tsk kanel *1tsk stevia crystals
33 minutes ago
Eggplant with mince (魚香茄子) made healthy Made with only 1 tbsp olive oil fermented soybean paste pork mince and Japanese eggplant #homemade
6 minutes ago
Opening of Package Na Yeey ️ thanks Kuya Mom and I are so Excited :"> Thank you Sa Early Christmas Gift #Blessed :-*
13 minutes ago

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