É.. Acho que nem vai dar praia hoje.. Rsrs
1 day ago
I'll be posting pictures of Mitch a lot. Yeah ️This picture is from the last video he ever made the Christmas one He said I want to flip
*deadishness going on* WHY CANT I COLOUR PROPERLY #sad #help
59 seconds ago
I'm starving and exhausted and my eyes hurt and my door keeps opening and ugh I need food I'm about to go into starvation mode.
Mam<33 R.I.P my beautiful angle:*<3 miss you loads</3 #rip #mam #love #miss #you #loads #heartbroken #angle #god #quote #ripquote #sad
2 minutes ago
On Wednesday's we wear PLAID @careybear10
1 day ago

chrisslagel4 hours ago

Haha glad to see you guys kept it going.. "Can I get you guys anything Some snacks A condom Let me know!

Sitting at home watching football..injured my gastrocnemius during last night's game. #sad #football
3 minutes ago
I'm trying not to pretend that it won't happen again and again like that I never thought it would end cause you got up in my head in my head
He really likes to watch the gamehe looks so mesmerized #:,( #sad
2 minutes ago

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