3 minutes ago
Tu veux jouer on va jouer Mais j'te préviens je perds jamais
22 hours ago

simesy1422 hours ago

What's your kik beautiful

Les filles boudent les femmes s'expliquent Les garçons nient les vrais hommes assument
13 hours ago
s m i l e
13 hours ago
You had style you had charm you were my lover you were my only friend in this fucking world Oh all the light that would shine shine for
Hoppar på en buss ti Kokkola me @emma_ronnqvist @pandalicioussalmiakkicake
2 minutes ago
Day 18 Indeed glasses and I only just learned how to click my fingers xxx #day #18 #october #click #fingers #me #glasses #morning #tired
2 minutes ago
i'll be your wendy and you'll be my peter pan together we'll fly to neverland
7 minutes ago

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