Amsterdamse Bos

throwingmarbles1 day ago

Thanks @oscar :-)

My image of TOOL lead guitarist @adam_tv performing at the 1st ever Rivers Edge Music Festival in St Paul MN TOOL headlined the 1st night

@xkellie79 thank you both for diggin this photo There is actually a long story of how I got this photo

O mundo é tão radical não sei onde estou indo só sei que não estou perdido aprendi a viver um dia de cada vez. #boanoite
2 hours ago
Showing him some love 😈😈 #blonde #friends #love
1 day ago

a_harkous23 hours ago

Eltile revenge ente w yeha ana bwarjikon 3al revenge el mazbut :p

we have separate the calves from the cow today there will be some noise tonight... #instaku #instacow #limousin #limousinbreeders #limmy #heifers
10 hours ago

bondekone10 minutes ago

bergennorge8 hours ago

I feel so GOOD to be very peaceful baby sister is walking at her first time yay Good night xoxo
16 minutes ago

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