And @samago17 does it again with the wonderful edits This time of Skye and Oso too It's not like she's just taken a picture and put some effects
2 minutes ago
Loves You can own this pink lacoste polo shirt for only 200+sf Buy now #preloved #small
1 minute ago
估唔到有客送布朗尼蛋糕比我 好感動 十萬個多謝 本身拒絕左但都係送比我 其實好唔好意思
5 minutes ago
@samago17 edited Skye- it's so sweet Looks kind of like water or a reflection.. But that's probably just me ;D it's really beautiful though
4 minutes ago
They never talk to me anymore They all forgot about me but I'll always remember them #internetfriends #leave #sad #depression #cantsleep
11 minutes ago

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