last night celebrating my nigga's @eliizabethhh bday we sure had fun ;) #lastnight #hollywood #turntup #bdaybash
Hollywood Sign - #repost from @laizey_bones
4 minutes ago
EOS Lip Balm กลิ่น Blueberry Acai ปริมาณ 7 g ราคา 220 บาท ลิปบาล์ม แสนน่ารัก รูปทรงเก๋มาก แถม เวลาทาปาก กลิ่นหอม ติดปากเลยค่ะ จุดเด่นของลิป
26 seconds ago
S/o to @fat7713 for making this possible at supper club last night Great time Throwing a big #scumbags party in like 2 Saturdays from now
2 minutes ago

wollemindy1 minute ago

wollemindy2 minutes ago

2 minutes ago

wollemindy37 seconds ago

wollemindy1 minute ago

My favorite movie is rolling on my mind now And k just need to sleep ;3 As soon as I have the opportunity I will neeeeed to watch you again
Having waay too much fun shopping for our #oktoberfest party #sunsetandvine #riseandgrind
3 hours ago

lisaallenla1 minute ago

@truleoryan lmao! Sorry it was noon time for #hollywood to wake the phuck up

truleoryan11 minutes ago

Can you stop setting off the fire alarms I'm trying to rest

Щас понесет.. #music #my #love #Hollywood #Undead #HU4L #HU
1 minute ago

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