Vídeo de comprinhas no canal
6 days ago
Shooting a Christmas video for our show ( #excited #christmas #video
2 minutes ago
MY REACTION TO TONIGHTS PRETTY LITTLE LIARS #gif #video #pll #prettylittleliars #ohmygodiknewit #like #doubletap
2 minutes ago
Come out on time ppl please n thanks! Again this is jus a #launch for my #video it won't be a #dance #party #session #EVERYONE #IS #WELCOMED
10 minutes ago
Welcoming these back into my leg day Not quite welcoming them with open arms because they are KILLER!! This exercise is known as the
8 minutes ago
Workin on this wu tang joint
5 hours ago
Get your games taped with precision in HD 1080p quality Creative and unique Highlights tape Athlete video resumes and more.. Season packages
6 minutes ago

riacovo32 seconds ago

Ali ta viva *

New Video "Brittney Griner" Check out my Facebook Twitter or Youtube to watch it Or search "An0maly Brittney Griner Video to find it #Music
3 minutes ago

_crushinghard_3 seconds ago

Yessss Better get it =) I love yhu too <3

smilebehappylove2214 seconds ago

Yep :) I'm stoned so.. @albertowarmbro

albertowarmbro1 minute ago

Thanks 4 this

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