#tacotuesdays forget #tgif #tgit the real deal 3 #fishtacos and water bottle #itsnotwater how can my #partyof1 get any better #itcan
13 minutes ago
Join us in the movement to bridge to gap between black-Hispanic communities in the "going green movement GITNB is hosting TGIF in the student
3 hours ago
UGGLY Boots everyone wants expensive wool boots that keep their feet and leg warm during the cold but do you know where they get this wool
Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more If you concentrate on what you don't have you will never ever have enough I wish
1 month ago

elisibethw8 minutes ago

@coco4rm305 your so right

coco4rm30513 minutes ago

Nothing's better than FREE

Sick The goods came in and passed customs Time to move the goods #justjoking #butwhatifiwasnt #wouldntbedumbenoughtopostaboutit
26 minutes ago

guitar4hire18 minutes ago

Cambodian breast milk

senjen18 minutes ago

made by Ganador? jk customs pkgs are always gz

#turnUP #TGIF TGI Friday turning up 2 day was a day 2 forget and what better way than Fridays
40 minutes ago
Got tagged in this on Saturday morning...oops hahaha #girl #char #Friday #tgif #cap #drunk
43 minutes ago
International Men's Week
53 minutes ago

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