Vintage silk T what u know bout that lol #vintagechic #headwrap #earings #red #lipstick #stellenbosh #capetown
1 hour ago
"So then I took my turn, Oh what a thing to have done and it was all "Yellow. #limecrime @limecrimemakeup
9 hours ago
4 hours ago
My #favorite #scarf my favorite #color And it's a thneed The possibilities are endless I freaking love it I mean look at this awesomeness
5 hours ago

pinkpinecone5 hours ago

Girl you cray <3

br_silhouette5 hours ago

OMFG @_mpho !!!...this girl just made 178 today just for posting pics you HAVE to check out the blog on my ig page!!

Happy customer Thank you for your purchase
6 hours ago

urbanbushhats6 hours ago

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