20mm Cartridge with IIAF Crown
24 minutes ago
Pretty good pic slighty ruined by Bret Thompson's white socks and his dumbell he was using to get a pump on before the wedding reception back
3 days ago
Life is to short to wake up in the morning with regrets...So love the ones who treat you right forget the ones who don't.. Remember that everything
35 minutes ago
Niyazi Erdoğan defile kapanışını @mabelmatiz 'den yapınca modayla ortak bi yerde buluşmuş olduk ayrıca videodaki alkışlayan subliminali bulunuz
12 hours ago
20 minutes ago

janineox11 minutes ago

He looks the part

Flash back Friday 😛 when we first got our dog he is now 5 yrs old
23 minutes ago

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