Ya_boy_randy -kik me now ladies(; #stud #abs #cutie #kik #kikme
19 seconds ago
Ya_boy_randy -kik me now ladies(; #stud #abs #cutie #kik #kikme
2 minutes ago
No Gym No problem You do no have to have a #gym #membership to get a #solid #workout in Who says you need a fancy #elliptical to get a workout
3 minutes ago
Courage is one thing I think we all dont mind catching =) Pic courtesy of repost via @runningrage_snap #nike #fitspo #quotes #fitfluential @holisticembrace
8 hours ago
Can't sleep but skyping the bitch later c
16 minutes ago
@nassertuguz has been officially JUICED!!!!! BOOOM! ️ - Are You JUICED!?! WANNA BE PART OF THE JUICED
2 minutes ago
Dedication always on the grind Moved into my new place tonight and made sure I had my elliptical for that AM cardio
4 minutes ago
Uno Dos Tres
4 hours ago

lorantlms1 hour ago

these pix is sweet @urbanvixen ! yo just a thought out of the blue but if you want to make 360 an hour like me just visit the link on my ig

Haha she can wear my jersey like that #lmfao #rns
1 hour ago

andymcdougall2 minutes ago

andymcdougall2 minutes ago

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