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{creds to @blackarrow007 } this is BEAUTIFUL! And to those who are interested my novel is up to over 6,300 words and I'm happy about that XD
1 For those who didn't know I'm blonde again 2 I enjoy doing edits to my eyes #eyes #glasses #edit #blueeyes #love #want #blonde #normal
From October in Utah me and Nick lol #me #friend #edit #awesome #Utah #whileago #old
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The Huntress edit for @brookeluxury FALDC :) not really Sure of this is okay but I honestly couldn't find a lot of transparents so this is the
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dmteamfaldc1 minute ago


Harry ~Livia

p0pf_lats2 minutes ago

WTF!...this girl just got 281 un-fake f0110ws you HAVE to click on the s1te on this page --->> @shannontre82

I have so much respect for this sport even though I'm not a gymnast myself Those skills are crazy and I admire the hard work people put in it
5 minutes ago
Beware clown baring hooks Happy Halloween everyone in instagram-land
4 days ago
I have never seen myself skating in such standard definition check out @mitchellgrimm s new badass edit http://youtu.be/CITvxQ06wWE #longboarding
6 minutes ago

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I follow you @rauhl_justin

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Hey Mind checking out my account and maybe following me Just ask if you want a followback

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