Sorry 4 blowing up indstagram but I'm happy diamond sweater OF Beanie #diamondsupplyco #ofwgkta #Beanie
3 minutes ago
Big Thanks to @make_that_booty_clap for hooking @aden_jimenez up for his late B-day,glad you had a safe trip in Cali #steezy #skater #skateaz
9 minutes ago
Session Like my boy @robbie_nextchptr said "that's how I know you got too many kicks Rocking dead stock lebrons to the gym haha @paul_del_rosario
12 minutes ago

chinamann2 minutes ago

@fresh_window_tint @paul_del_rosario hold up I Rock some fresh kicks to the gym too lol ... C'mon pare u know what's good . U do got a lot

paul_del_rosario10 minutes ago

Thats How we do it @fresh_window_tint

"Fighting in the battle is half of it winning it is the best feeling in the world. #instagood #instagram #happy #fighting #winning #diamondsupplyco
23 minutes ago

isaac_racette1 minute ago

jaidenwicinski7 minutes ago

@isaac_racette Isaac you cutie

What's your pick Prestige Boutique is stackin up on the sneaker game
28 minutes ago

george_orozco7 minutes ago

For sure

prospectthreads7 minutes ago

@george_orozco hahaha of course Ill be hittin LA soon fam ill text you in a min tho

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