6 minutes ago
HELP FIND BUTTONS!! Jessica's cat is missing She was last seen on September 8 #HelpFindButtons @jessaykuh
2 months ago

carolyyyyynnnn2 months ago

She responds to Merrimac as well as buttons and meows at everything

Gonna lock myself in the bathroom and cut my wrists when my parents leave. goodbye #lovepains #fuckyou #drake #goodbye
1 minute ago
When we went to Starved Rock
2 months ago

carolyyyyynnnn21 hours ago

Hahaha!!! You see him standing on the surface of the water giving a thumbs up @sabrinaadarlingg

I don't even try to make my frozen yogurt look pretty
2 months ago
Started from the bottom #drake #drizzy #niggas #october #ovoxo #ovo
1 minute ago
Back in my city Monday Downtown cruising #fortworth #jayz #drake #ymcmb
3 minutes ago
I've been wanting to do this for a while now Blow up my Ask.fm-Carolyn_Mariscal
The concrete jungle (caption by @andrewmariscal)

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