Are you strong enough Fast enough Can you finish Some days you will have it and some you won't Consistency will lead to success and I am
RIP to my big bro Drew. Had our Ups and Downs I know you watched me grow See you again one day #feVer #EX #KRANK
5 hours ago
butt kicked first crossfit sesh ever @kranknashville -- recovering w/ giant @sweetceceshboro yogurt
7 hours ago

laviesilk3 hours ago

Haha my goal as well

cwfrosting3 hours ago

@laviesilk feel like the soreness is starting already! so glad I went will try again goal is to actually DO all the circuits

kevin12_d7 hours ago

Gute besserung

i_love_ytitty7 hours ago

Hab euch bei den Bildern verlinkt wo ich es erzählt habe :* @_kathi_2000 @justrojda

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