Back to the school back back to the school~ LOL #Selca #selfie #cellphone #samsung #me #makeup #tired #lol #arg
1 week ago
Happy birthday Jinhong (A-Peace) May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine the happiness of smiles the sounds
1 hour ago
Kumakanta ako ng growl nang biglang may dumaan na mga koreans *__* Cute nung taba XD Hoho ㅋㅋㅋ #airport #l4l #likers #f4f #followme #t4l
1 hour ago

huangzitao681 hour ago

I was singing growl then suddenly some three koreans passed *__*

tangtangii55 minutes ago

That video's beautiful! But I have a question. How do you upload YouTube videos like this on instagram

He he Just got and #instaupdate so now I can upload old videos This is still one of my favorite #poletricks
2 hours ago

shayshay021126 minutes ago

@jordenchanelle the damn gum! I was and it makes me soad Lol

jordenchanelle1 hour ago

This is awesome teach me!..And are you chewing gum

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