By @allure Art Nails Spa Dirección Prolongación Bosque de Reforma 1321 colonia Lomas del Chamizal Citas 22241606 #artnailspa #love #nails #salon
17 seconds ago
Best hair and makeup moments ever @yvonne_radivojevic @bojanaatomic Wearing my Jay tee :)
4 days ago
Because we had a great end to a super Sunday Funday ( despite the L's )
5 hours ago
Out exercising with friends and having fun #exercise #cool #friends #instafun
1 minute ago
Champagne is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy #party #partying #fun #instaparty #instafun #crazy #friend #friends #besties
7 minutes ago
Fuck any nigga that's talking that shit just to get a reaction
3 hours ago
Because this is how I start my Holiday morning
5 hours ago

hazel_eyes_elena5 hours ago

Omg I want a cuff soooo bad totally need to make one but yes making the mask shall be next do you still have the bow I gave you @pink_wonder

Pazar gibi pazartesi tatil gibi tatil :)))
1 hour ago

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