51 seconds ago
Do I really have to get up.... Yeah climb back to bed after her morning meal Weather been rainy and Tink been lazy... :) kisses #tinkerbelle
35 seconds ago

kaieyefar24 seconds ago

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This rad lil girl.. She was born to love and be loved.. Look at that smile
9 minutes ago
Nalla na sua 7ª aula!! Ja executando alguns comandos sem coleira e ficando mais tempo no "FICA".. #nalla #instadog #pitbull #pifferpitbull
3 minutes ago
It's yo birfday Hope you had so much fun in chorale today
1 hour ago

easycoverserene1 minute ago

awesome photo!...if you want to rake in 205 real f0110wers like me just visit the s1te on my ig page

Yo pienso que linda y que alegría tenerla ella piensa.....dame pan #scl #instadog #lovely #cute #
4 minutes ago

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