Dios es fiel y tiene algo para cada uno de nosotros Esto es parte de lo que hace el ministerio CRISTO ONE #God #love #faith
1 minute ago
Use every situation that comes ur way as a tool to help u become a better person learn something from every individual that cross ur path in
4 minutes ago
Ironically this came true today glad I had on at least some mascara and lipgloss #picstitch
done church!ツ happy sunday #sundaymass #faith #LORD #love
2 minutes ago
Pizza is my boyfriend
4 minutes ago

_savannahparks_10 seconds ago

♡recent for recent♡

sherriealbaladejo20 seconds ago

10 recents anyone

Lord knows life aint easy! . But I'm hoping thru all this pain soon comes happiness #saturday #thinking #inmyfeelingsalil #mind #wonder
4 minutes ago

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