#job..Mais um trabalho realizado com sucesso Em breve no jornal O Globo Zona Sul.
9 minutes ago
Off to Kourteneys[][]
13 hours ago
Ladies it's getting cold and half of you guys are looking to buy new winter boots well you can get them at a better price at @cngkloset she's
2 hours ago

cngkloset1 hour ago

Hi @shellybabe25 just leave your size under the boots or whatever you want to pre-order You can contact me at [email protected]

The gayoon's outfit is very very cool!!Swag!! Love it 가윤언니스타일로 정말좋아♡♡ #kfashion #koreanfashion #asianfashion #fashion #ulzzang #skinny #gayoon
15 minutes ago
Banner organization for the Melbourne Design Market and Bowerbird Bazaar All happening in November
9 minutes ago
Hey lovies Since today was my day off I opted for a casual look featuring my combat boots c/o Rue21 (@rue21official) and my new gold watch
7 minutes ago
Once upon a time I didn't have college applications constantly on my mind. #throwback #becausereasons #photooftheday #jj #nikon #instagood
4 minutes ago

sammi_jackson1 minute ago

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