Jeg var til numerolog i sidste uge og har nu foreviget min kærlighed til mine bedre halvdele #kærlighedsbroen #mitkøbenhavn #mammamia #mialovesmia
8 minutes ago
It's almost midnight and guess where I'm at? It's cold in the city tonight #selfie #latenightphoto #memyselfandi #longhairdontcare
16 minutes ago

ldyjay3 minutes ago

Yep still have the same number @ayo_ron_a

ayo_ron_a6 minutes ago

I'm great n urself u still got the same # friend

invisableboyfriend20 minutes ago

I listen to this awesome post hardcore band called alyson tonight :)

36 minutes ago
Road trip with #memyselfandI
41 minutes ago
Speak the truth even if your voice shakes #honestyGoesAlongway #truth #bReal #fukFakePple #meMyselfAndI
Late night run to the batting cage My right forearm and left glute are really sore Is that normal?! I had a great date night I love me!!
1 hour ago

justcrystar38 minutes ago

Cool Imma hop in the shower.. Then give you a ring!!!

gradation denim for lovely sunday ;) #memyselfandi
1 hour ago

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